How to Book

Login into your account

Step (1) Select "Create Account" for the New Customer / Login for the existing customer
Step (2) Then Click Login


Viewing / editing your account profile

Step (3) Go to Accounts then click My Accounts
  • Here you can view your information as well you can change
    your details and password

Step (4) Click Update if you want to save it.

Making a reservation for direct customers

Step (5) Check the availability of the said date

Step (6)
Then the different types of rooms will appear on the said page with corresponding availability of rooms left
Step (7)
Choose which room they prefer and how may room reservation
Step (8)
Then click book now

Step (9) If the room you reserve is correct, click Book
Step (10)
Here you can add extra bed if available for the said room
Step (11) You can either pay thru PayPal or Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit
Step (12)
Enter Promo code or Discount coupon and Additional Info if there is any
Step (13)
If done click submit booking

Step (14) If payment made thru PayPal, then click Pay Now

Step (15) If payment made thru Bank Transfer, click Place Order

Checking your booking

Step (16) Go to My Bookings under My Account
Step (17)
You can filter your search by Booking#, Status (Reserved, Completed, Refunded), and which date

Step (18)
If you already choose which booking you want to view
Step (19)
Click Description


Step (20) Done